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Have you been injured at your salon? A brief overview of the beauty salon liability law

Salons are fondly known as a place of unwinding and rejuvenation for the consumer of the services. It is a place where one can pamper himself or herself and relax. It is like a therapy for the body as well as the mind. Manicure, pedicure, facial clean-ups, spa, body massage, unwanted hair removal and so on. You name it; you have it. There is no end to the ways in which you can take care of you look and hence, how you feel. But have you ever imagined, that a salon environment can actually prove to be really dangerous if proper care is not taken at the part of the ones offering such services?

Every salon, small or big, has the responsibility of maintaining an environment that is safe and free of any danger or potential hazards for its clients. The products used should be safe and free of harmful chemicals, the processes employed should be safe and harmless, the environment of the salon should be well secured, and trained and professional beauty experts should offer the treatment or service.  However, every year there are thousands of cases reported about such injuries, permanent scars or infections arising out of the irresponsible execution of duty on the part of the salon experts and professionals. Such reckless actions can cause permanent damage that can be embarrassing as well as deadly.

Types of salon injuries and their causes

Some of the most common types of salon injuries include cuts and infections, permanent hair loss and injuries to the scalp, burns due to hot wax, chemicals and laser, injuries out of electrical faults, slip and fall injuries and other bacterial infections. A little carelessness on the part of the salon executives can turn out to be really fatal. Using a pair of scissors or towels that are not properly sanitized or sterilized, using tools without properly cleaning them on multiple clients, direct application of wax on skin without paying attention to its temperature, failure to test the products and their chemical reactions on different types of skins, using incorrect procedures for a particular treatment or using expired or contaminated products for the treatment are only some of the common causes of injuries at the beauty salon. 

Responsibility on the part of the one injured

In such cases, it is utmost crucial for the sufferer to keep a record, and if possible, the evidence of such an event, even if it appears to be minor. This can help you build your case, and the record can be presented in the court of law to be used against the salon owners or the ones responsible for the injury.

Accidents can happen even at the places we can’t really imagine. Tucson personal injury lawyers have a long experience in the field of beauty salon injuries. Contact a legal expert that best suits your needs, requirements, and budget to help you deal with such unwanted injuries in the best possible manner.