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4 Incidences That Will Lead To The Suspension Of Your Driving License

According to statista.com, there are over fifteen million licensed drivers in Texas only. Thus, you can only imagine the other places. With such numbers you will able to understand why there are many vehicles on the roads. However, have you asked yourself how many drivers amongst all these have their licenses suspended? Some of these drivers have their licenses suspended due to different reasons. Some of them still end up using the driver license because they have no idea. However, when they arrested, they have it rough with the law. When your license is suspended, you need to find out why and how you can undo that. Basically, this is the time to call your traffic violation attorney to represent you legally. However, you can always prevent such situations by adhering to all the traffic laws. If you don’t respect the traffic rules, then your license will be revoked or suspended. Some of the things that will lead to this include;

  1. Over speeding

Vehicles are made differently. Some vehicles move really fast and others have a standard speed. For those who have high performance vehicles, you should never be tempted to over speed. Over speeding will definitely get your license suspended. Different states or different roads have different rules about speed. In residential areas, schools and hospitals, you are not allowed to speed. This clearly means that if you choose to speed, then you should be ready to face the consequences. Some of the consequences might be very hefty and you might require a DWI lawyer Long Island to come and defend you so that the suspension can be lifted or be reduced to a certain number of days.

  1. Court fines

Another common case where your license might be revoked is when you refuse or delay to pay court fines. Sometimes, your lawyer might have played his or her part and ensured that you get a fair penalty. The penalty sometimes might involve paying a certain legal fee as a form of punishment. When such a penalty is issued, you are also given a deadline for payment. In the event you delay to pay, then your license will defiantly be suspended for a longer period until there is an an understanding between you and the court.

  1. Insurance

It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle without an insurance cover. The insurance cover plays various roles, and it is very essential for every vehicle to have it. However, sometimes, you might forget to renew it. When you commit such a traffic crime and you are arrested, chances are that your driving license will be suspended. When this happens, you will need to have your lawyer’s number on standby just in case the case gets to court.

  1. Other offenses

Did you know that your license can be suspended due to other reasons? Some of these reasons don’t have to be traffic related. A good example is when someone is caught transporting illegal drugs from one place to another or if you transporting stolen goods. Such criminal offenses will always get you to court and when the ruling is done, don’t be surprised if your license is suspended.