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Five Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Another City

Car accidents are a fairly common occurrence that people never expect to happen. These accidents come as even a greater surprise when they happen while traveling. Nobody expects to have to deal with these issues during vacation. Here are five steps to take after being involved in a car accident in another city.

Carry Emergency Numbers

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe in the case of an accident is by preparing beforehand. Having a list of emergency contacts can help to potentially save your life depending on the severity of the car accident. This contact list should include personal contacts whom who you wish to be contacted in an emergency situation. The other numbers should be the emergency contacts of the country or city in which you are traveling. These numbers aren't only for your use, but can also be used by others at the scene if your injuries prevent making a call.


In any motor vehicle accident, the primary concern is health and safety. Even when in a wreck abroad, the very first step is to ensure that you're okay. No other step should be considered before you know that everything regarding your health is in good shape. If you had sustained an injury, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately. This will require calling an ambulance right away. Ask a bystander or another individual to call the emergency services if you are unable to for some reason.

Legal Assistance

After ensuring your health and safety, it is time to take care of the finer details. The process of getting a lawyer for a motorcycle crash or automobile collision may vary depending on the city and country which you are visiting. For this reason, it is helpful to hire or consult a local lawyer who is familiar with the legal procedures in that particular area. A lawyer can help you handle all of the insurance paperwork involved and ensure that all damages for which you are eligible are received.

Gather Information

Another important step to take after being in an accident far from home is to gather relevant information about the wreck. Similar to an accident at home, information needs to be gathered in order to file a report with the insurance companies and possibly even the police. The information gathering process should begin the minute that all health and injury risks are taken care of. Both parties involved should be sure to exchange insurance numbers and company names. A picture of the vehicle damage is also a critical component. License plate numbers, telephone numbers, the names of the parties involved and pictures of the surrounding environment can all help to make dealing with the process much easier. Insurance companies are especially detailed about these matters.

Insurance Company

Contacting the insurance company is one of the final steps to take when in a car accident far from home. Because of the location of the wreck, insurance companies may ask for several details surrounding the wreck. The information required may differ if the car was a rental versus a personal vehicle. The more detail that can be provided, the greater the likelihood that the insurance company will cover some of the costs involved in the accident.

Traveling and taking a road trip abroad is an exciting and memorable experience. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of getting into a car accident. It is helpful to know how to handle this situation before it even happens.